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Availability of the hall can be viewed below - please note orange means partial booked and red means fully booked.

Bookings can be done by:

  1. Emailing -

  2. Phoning - 07498 555463

  3. Online booking - please see instructions below

How to book online:

  1. Please check availability below.

  2. Next check the hire charges here.

  3. To make a booking request click on the "+" icon on the room and day you wish to book (multiple rooms and days can be added at stage 5),

  4. This links to the Hallmaster website where by you can log in or create an account;

  5. Then fill in the request form, selecting "Casual hirers" if this is a one time event and then click "Save";

  6. You'll get a confirmation email for your request.

  7. If your request is accepted we will send out a booking form via email, or you can fill in our online form here. To secure your booking we will need the booking form and £100 security deposit back to us as soon as possible.

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