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Committee Room

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Our Committee Room makes the perfect venue for smaller gatherings of up to 20 people.  It comes complete with it's own kitchenette allowing basic catering to be managed separately to the Main Hall.  

The room is supplied with a ceiling mounted projector and the appropriate interfaces to connect computers to.  This very flexible space is ideal for meetings, presentations and other related corporate activity at a very reasonable price.

The Committee Room is available for hire individually or as part of a larger booking with the Main Hall.

Our Kitchenette is located next to the Committee Room with a door separating the two.  It offers guests the opportunity to prepare hot drinks and basic cold food items, such as sandwiches for service in the Committee Room.  No facilities exist in the Kitchenette to prepare hot food or refrigerate anything.  If either of these are required then a booking will need to be made for the Main Hall.

We also have an area within the Kitchenette for people to work from.  This desk area provides an ideal space for anybody wanting a temporary office.  We have full Wi-Fi throughout the building with speeds in excess of 50 mb/s.  The Committee Room and Kitchenette/Office provide a great facility for businesses looking to hold meetings or use a temporary facility.

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